New Zealand cable ties. Station1 is your wholesale supplier of quality cable ties.


What material are the cable ties made of? 

 UL approved nylon 6/6.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Are your ties guaranteed quality?    
Yes, our range of ties are certified to meet the latest ISO 9001 standards.    

What are your freight charges?  

$6.00 up to 20 kg around Auckland. $12.00 per 5kg to South Island. We can organize a discounted freight charge for bulk buys.

Are cable ties all you sell?    
Ask us if you need galvanized and black annealed wire ties, DIN RAIL, flexible conduit or fire resistant flush boxes.              

How much do your ties cost?

We import directly from the manufacturer and sell directly to you so guarantee you the best price.

Do you sell cable ties to Christchurch?
We send cable ties to Christchurch by overnight courier and by Urgent courier. We send cable ties to all places in New Zealand.

How are cable ties used elsewhere?

One source for this is  

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Who holds cable tie patents?

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