New Zealand cable ties. Station One is your New Zealand wholesale supplier of quality cable ties.

The cable ties below use these abbreviations:

  • N = natural white tie
  • UV = black uv resistant tie
  • K = 1000 per pack
  • mm = millimeter
  • diameter = the diameter of the largest circle the tie will bind tensile
  • strength = the end-to-end pulling force beyond which a tie may break

All ties are made from UL approved nylon 6/6, UL 94V-2 and comply with ISO 9001 standards.

All ties are available in N (natural white) or UV (ultra violet resistant black).


Cable Code Cable Length x Width Diameter Tensile Strength Ties per Packet
TG100 100mm x 2.4mm 23mm 8kg 100
TG120 120mm x 2.4mm 30mm 8kg 100
TG120K 120mm x 2.4mm 23mm 8kg 1000 *
TG142 142mm x 3.6mm 34mm 18kg 100
TG142K 142mm x 3.6mm 34mm 18kg 1000 *
TG160 160mm x 2.4mm 42mm 8kg 100
TG200 200mm x 2.4mm 50mm 8kg 100
TG203 203mm x 3.6mm 53mm 18kg 100
TG295 300mm x 3.6mm 83mm 18kg 100
TG295K 300mm x 3.6mm 83mm 18kg 1000 *
TG201 200mm x 4.8mm 53mm 23kg 100
TG250 250mm x 4.8mm 72mm 22kg 100
TG370 370mm x 4.8mm 109mm 22kg 100
TG450 450mm x 7.6mm 133mm 54kg 100
TG550 550mm x 8.0mm 162mm 79kg 100
TG800UV 800mm x 9.0mm      
TG1200 UV 1200mm x 9.0mm      

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